A wish granted in the worst way possible (part 3 of 3)

https://www.redmoonstudios.com/storage/2022/06/Pexels-Videos-2510259.mp4 Before I could actually do any big work, I had to send them a pinup of Red Sonja to show them what I was capable of. It took forever, and it wasn’t my favorite picture of her, but I think that given the hours I put into it vs. how much I had to […]

A wish granted in the worst way possible (part 2 of 3)

https://www.redmoonstudios.com/storage/2022/06/Pexels-Videos-2530656.mp4 Sorry it’s been so long in-between posts. I realized while I was typing up the last one that I was probably going to be at least a month MIA from it because it kicked up the very toxic dust of everything that epitomized my “fucked up state of being” for the last half a […]

A wish granted in the worst way possible (part 1 of 3)

https://www.redmoonstudios.com/storage/2022/05/production-ID-4360454.mp4 Hey All! How are you doing? It’s been a long time, yeah?Well, don’t feel nervous! Pull up a seat, get a glass of your drink of choice, and lets have a little jam sesh’ on 2016 ~ 2022. As you can see, the website is still outdated. Old art from the “pre-COVID times” remains, […]

Health, Artist Block, and the future of Redmoon Studios

It’s taken me 8 months to shore up the courage to write this out, not out of indifference to the situation but largely because of fear & sadness that it’s still going on. If you have been visiting the website for updates (or had given up months ago and just happened to stop by at […]