About Me

 flower crownMy name is Heidi Blair. I’ve been going by the internet handle D*H since I first started putting my art online many moons ago.

I’m an artist, designer, and compulsive crafter from the Midwestern US. I’ve been drawing for about 18 years, before which I was convinced I was going to be either an Egyptologist, a veterinarian, or an independent bookstore owner. I currently work as a Illustrator and Tech Support lacky. My main side hobby is sleep deprivation. I collect ratty antique books in foreign languages, oracle & tarot card decks, action figures, Japanese PVC figures, and comic books. When possible, I do crafting of all kinds.

yep  Comic books,  social anthropology, linguistic anthropology, Egyptology, animistic religious/spiritual system(s) studies, Health At Every Size movement, cooking, crafting, website design, napping when I can find the time, cold desert wines + flavored sake, Bollywood films + OSTs, boton rice candy, Korean/Japanese stationary sets, penpals, ACEO trading, Printmaking.

nope My awful flatbed scanner, willful ignorance, fig newtons, entitled personalities, those pieces of bread on the ends that are all crust.