Anime Iowa & Last shows for 2017

So its almost time for Anime Iowa, the last time the show will be in the Coralville area & the first time I’ve actually had a booth there! I’m getting everything ready and set up. The past few months have certainly been an up-and-down experience while I work through the first attempts at freelancing. I’ve learned a lot, but I still have so much farther to go.

Due to upcoming time constraints (I’m looking to have small fleet of part-time jobs to work between), I will not be in as many shows as I had previously thought for the rest of 2017. Most notably, I will not be attenting the Iowa Comicbook Club’s I-CON due to lack of funds and job conflicts during that weekend. As for what I’m able to do in 2018 as far as show, I’m not entirely sure yet either. I’d love to go back to down Planet Comicon again, but it ended up being the biggest financial loss I’ve ever taken at a convention, and I’m wondering if I shouldn’t take a year off to focus more on projects like Ex Gemmae Divus and my Patreon page. As I can figure out my schedule and a realistic workload, I’ll keep you all informed.

I’m also adding back a “newest images” widget to the front page so people can get easy access to the new stuff I’ve been working on, so expect to see that soon.