A late Thank You & Upcoming Conventions

Wow. April was just sort of a roller-coaster ride the entire way through! Luckily I was able to get to-and-from both Planet Comicon & Free Comicbook Day all in one piece! I want to thank everyone who came to my booth; For those who bought something from me or were thinking about a commission for later, you literally help me pay rent. I don’t know how to thank you enough for your help and generosity. I was also so so floored by all of the awesome cosplay and period clothing I was able to see! (Special shout-out to Rachel for her beautiful gemstone gift + keeping my brother and I informed with all of her awesome Byzantine History Buff tales!!) 

I know for sure that July is the next time I’ll be in a convention for sure. Anime Iowa from July 28-30 is going to be my next big show, with a possibility of showing up to MINIcon the week before (July 22nd). However, because of changes to the setup and timing of the I-Con, I am fairly sure I will not be attending this year. I’m leaving the possibility open for it to happen, but I’m not entirely sure what will go on.

In the mean time, a lot of my current time/energy is being devoted to catching up on commissions and my Patreon pledgers. I am assuming that starting in July, I will also be going back to having a 3rd job to help with income since it’s been pretty tight so far this year. That will mean while I am available to work on commissions, they will not be as quick of a turnaround.