Discount Commissions, Etsy, and a store rehaul

Oh boy oh boy, there is a whole bunch to talk about! Outside of it being Inktober (and the first time I’m trying to do the entire month, come hell or high water), there’s been a lot of changes in the last few months.

First and foremost: I am not in a great financial place right now, and between trying to hustle as many different jobs as I can, I am opening up a limited time window for deeply discounted commissions. The prices are as follows:

If you are interested in taking a hold of this offer while it’s up, make sure to send me a request via my contact page. Make sure to include descriptions or links to any ref images, if possible.


One of the other things I’ve been working on for a while and just recently was able to get back up and running was my personal Etsy store, PST!,  for crafts, jewelry, and design. Right now my website is mainly oriented towards my illustration work, but my store is an offering of all the things that I may not photograph or show on here that I do on the side.  This may end up changing in the future as I work to put more of a divide on the website from my Illustration work and my Design work as I take on more contract/freelance jobs, but for the moment most of the work I get is for illustrations. If it ends up being a shift in site layout, it will be a small one.

Lastly, my current store is run off of a site that only allows me 10 items unless I want to pay something like $200/year to up that limit to 100. This is the reason I don’t have much in my store currently: If I wanted to put in more, I have to pay a chunk of money to make it happen. However, because I don‘t have the kind of money to throw around for the current shopping-cart system, I am looking into a new, free alternative. I’ve already downloaded the new system and started working with it in the background, but it’s an entirely new thing and I’ll have to move all of my items over to it from the old system, so it’s going to be a little bit before I have it up.

Have a great October, and thank you again to everyone who supports me through commissions or my patreon page!

Anime Iowa & Last shows for 2017

So its almost time for Anime Iowa, the last time the show will be in the Coralville area & the first time I’ve actually had a booth there! I’m getting everything ready and set up. The past few months have certainly been an up-and-down experience while I work through the first attempts at freelancing. I’ve learned a lot, but I still have so much farther to go.

Due to upcoming time constraints (I’m looking to have small fleet of part-time jobs to work between), I will not be in as many shows as I had previously thought for the rest of 2017. Most notably, I will not be attenting the Iowa Comicbook Club’s I-CON due to lack of funds and job conflicts during that weekend. As for what I’m able to do in 2018 as far as show, I’m not entirely sure yet either. I’d love to go back to down Planet Comicon again, but it ended up being the biggest financial loss I’ve ever taken at a convention, and I’m wondering if I shouldn’t take a year off to focus more on projects like Ex Gemmae Divus and my Patreon page. As I can figure out my schedule and a realistic workload, I’ll keep you all informed.

I’m also adding back a “newest images” widget to the front page so people can get easy access to the new stuff I’ve been working on, so expect to see that soon.

A late Thank You & Upcoming Conventions

Wow. April was just sort of a roller-coaster ride the entire way through! Luckily I was able to get to-and-from both Planet Comicon & Free Comicbook Day all in one piece! I want to thank everyone who came to my booth; For those who bought something from me or were thinking about a commission for later, you literally help me pay rent. I don’t know how to thank you enough for your help and generosity. I was also so so floored by all of the awesome cosplay and period clothing I was able to see! (Special shout-out to Rachel for her beautiful gemstone gift + keeping my brother and I informed with all of her awesome Byzantine History Buff tales!!) 

I know for sure that July is the next time I’ll be in a convention for sure. Anime Iowa from July 28-30 is going to be my next big show, with a possibility of showing up to MINIcon the week before (July 22nd). However, because of changes to the setup and timing of the I-Con, I am fairly sure I will not be attending this year. I’m leaving the possibility open for it to happen, but I’m not entirely sure what will go on.

In the mean time, a lot of my current time/energy is being devoted to catching up on commissions and my Patreon pledgers. I am assuming that starting in July, I will also be going back to having a 3rd job to help with income since it’s been pretty tight so far this year. That will mean while I am available to work on commissions, they will not be as quick of a turnaround.

Planet Comicon, Kansas City & FCBD

Hey everyone! Thanks to the people who signed up for patreon, I was so excited to get a few people i practically went nuts trying to film everything I had been making images for so I’d have lots of fun stuff to show for the next few months, as well as getting other bonus content up that I could send to the high-end donors.

It seems like the year is blasting by so quickly, but I am finishing up the ends of projects so I can get everything on display and ready for Planet Comicon in Kansas City, MO!  This is my first year at a convention as big as this one, and I would love to see if anyone comes by who has regularly visited my website. My booth will be in Artist Alley, #732:








After this weekend, I will be hanging out at the Des Moines’ location of Mayhem Comics for Free Comic Book Day, handing out free stuff as well as being available for sketches! Not only are there going to be some really amazing freebies this year, but this is the first FCBD I’ll be working as well. Two weeks in a row of firsts!



Thank you to all of the people who have been patiently waiting for me to get my Patreon™ page up! I’ve already got a nice lineup of things to put on the website, so I hope to see you there soon! You can click on the image link above to reach the page or on this link here.

2017 shennanerpants

Hello everyone! Sorry it’s been a few weeks, there’s been a lot of changes going on, most of them very good. I am working on my convention list for 2017, so that should be updated fairly soon here.😱

As of December, I am working full-time as a freelancer doing illustration & design work. I want to give a huge thank-you to all of the people who helped make this possible and everyone who has been either contracting me or commissioning me in the past. You helped sow the seeds that is helping to make my dream come true, and I don’t even have the words to properly express how much it means to me. ❤️💕 I am open for any jobs you would like me to do, and even if you’d just like to see my rates or schedule, I’d love to hear from you via my contact page!

As mentioned previously, Patreon will be coming soon. I wanted to make sure that before I put it up I had the rewards for the upper-tier subscribers ready. When the account goes public, I will post it on here and on my instagram account.

Lastly, in light of what is happening politically in the US at the moment; I would like to warn any new twitter followers that my account will be very political-post heavy for the foreseen future. I thought about removing the link entirely until it can go back to the normal art/photo based feed I was using it for, but I want to give people the chance to visit me or send me PMs in case that is easier contact for them. I also am weighing the pros/cons of self censorship, and realize that what I have to say at the moment is not different from the majority of what most people are already saying or thinking.

I hope everyone has a safe + happy beginning to 2017!

*edit 1.30.17* – My twitter is getting to be more political than artsy, so I’m removing it from the web-page until I can get back to a “more art than ranting” place.

Midwest Comicon LogoHello everyone! I just wanted to let you know since we’re finishing up the end of the year, Redmoon Studios will again have a booth for the MWCC in artists alley. I’m not entirely sure what table I have or where they want us quite yet, but when I get that I will put it up on here for y’all to grab. I hope to see some of you (and snag more pictures of awesome cosplays from guests!)

Thank You for a successful Mayhempalooza!

I want to thank everyone who came to visit us today at the 5th Annual Mayhempalooza in DSM. It was so nice to meet lots of new people (and old friends of Mayhem! ;D). I apologize that I wasn’t entirely lucid when it came to answering questions today as I stayed up late last night getting everything set up for the show and then woke up at crap-o’-clock this morning to help with tying up lose ends.

A special thanks to Katie, JT, and Mark II for all of the hard work they put into keeping all of the artists fed & happy. Also a special thanks to Dean Sturtevant for all of the fun times and help with getting advertising out!

Possible FCBD sketch-card commissions, Process Vimeo

This is a partial process video I made for one of my recent illustrations, and while I put a link to it on the image itself it doesn’t not really look like a link unless you click on it. Either way, good music + some timelapse stuff for j00!

As many people know from my linkedin page or by seeing me around town, I work onsite at Mayhem Comics from time to time. For this upcoming Free Comic Book Day (May 7th), there is a good chance I will be there to do sketchcards for people as I’ll be working at the store that day anyhow. I’ll try to keep this page updated as I hear more, and any final decisions will be on the Mayhem comic page before friday.


It’s been a little while since I have added anything onto the website’s front-page, but I have been updating the gallery as I finish new work. I’m kind of wondering if it was easier for people to see when updates were based on what this page said, but I haven’t heard anything as far as “are you still alive?” so I’m assuming everything is peachy-keen!

I am hoping to start having an RSS or updated page of any local art shows and conventions I’ll be attending. Since we’re just getting into the Spring season (and I am still getting acquainted with my new job!), I probably wont have any major outings planned until Summer/Fall 2016.

In the meantime, thank you again for visiting my page and I’d love to hear from you! 🙂